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Our History

IRS is the nation's leading all-respiratory staffing company, and has been serving the United States since our inception in 1986.  Why did we start in respiratory care?  Once again, often life experiences lead us to our calling.  Mark's grandfather suffered a stroke in 1971.  As a result, he required being placed on a ventilator.  Once the ventilator was removed, he acquired pneumonia and required ongoing care through respiratory therapists.  In witnessing this process, Mark developed a passion for this field.  After Mark graduated from the Indiana University Respiratory Therapy Program through the IU School of Medicine and after graduating ASU, while working at a hospital as a therapist, he often witnessed the shortcomings of the agencies they were using.  With an entrepreneurial background honed from a family business, it was natural that he capture the desire to 'turn the industry around' and was a leader in Arizona becoming a licensed State, as well as creating standards and "industry 1st's" that have now been incorporated into virtually every agency's operating procedures throughout the country. 

With over 200 dedicated employees who are tops in their profession, IRS is the company selected by more hospitals and homes for respiratory staffing needs!  IRS, Inc. offers respiratory departmental staffing solutions for hospitals and health care companies, as well as care for private individuals and families who are in need of respiratory therapy and ventilator management in the home.  We also offer general information about our mission and management philosophies below.  For more information, feel free to see our website at

Our Mission

To continue being the leading provider of Respiratory Practitioners in the U.S. throughout the 21st century.  To add quality personal care assistants to our model.  To continue to hone our management philosophy - 'provide the best care and customer service - and do it right' and to prove that our methods works best in a medical facility's risk management model when selecting ancillary personnel providers, as well as in the home.