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About our Caregiving Company

Why We Founded Care With Confidence

Why, after 24 years in the medical care industry, did we decide to begin to offer non-medical care, as well? Well, like many paths in life which are taken, it was due to a personal experience and calling.

When our mother began experiencing vascular dementia, and our father’s health began to fail, as well, we soon realized that extra help was needed. Like most families, we attempted to provide the added care ourselves, running to their home daily, taking them to appointments, cooking and cleaning for them, and so on. But, with a growing family of our own and multiple businesses to run, we also realized that a little ‘outside help’ would be the best solution. We had many of our own employees qualified and willing to provide care; but, due to becoming our mother’s legal Conservator, we were unable to provide the ‘outside help’ from our own pool of dedicated medical employees, as it is considered a conflict of interest… the courts will not allow a conservator to have ties to any services that are billed, even if they are billed at or below cost. So, we turned to the local agencies who were already providing this care.

Sadly, as an unlicensed industry, we quickly found there is no set standards for training, managing, documentation or even rates. We interviewed and began using multiple companies, casting many out almost immediately, and finally settled with the one who provided a ‘new’ employee who had years of experience through another agency and seemed to be the most caring and qualified of them all. It wasn’t the agency, it was the employee. Because we use ’round the clock care’ for my mother, the differences between the various caregivers who provide care for her through this agency is substantial.

Because providing the highest quality of care has always been our mission, and these two industries of medical and non-medical care in the home are so similar, we were soon ‘drawn’ to create new standards for this growing, but perplexed industry. We wanted to create a company who’s standards are the highest and whom everyone else will follow. We wanted to have well-drawn-out policies and procedures, which don’t seem to waver with the wind. We began to look for and develop training modules which would ensure that our caregivers were trained more adequately and consistently. And, we are proud to say we accomplished these tasks and more. Care With Confidence sets the bar and now leads the State of Arizona with a 61 hour training program that is second to none. When added to our proprietary staffing and matching methods, 24 years of recruitment experience, our knack for cultivating compassion and a team driven by pride, our thorough hiring methods such as 50-state background checks, immunization records on file, and CPR and First-Aid certification, and our complete client-comes-first management style, Care With Confidence, gives you just that… choosing your caregiving company with confidence! Choose the best… Choose Care With Confidence.

Dedicated to...

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Care With Confidence is dedicated to the memories of our mothers, Shirley Nagel and Rose Finkelstein, and father, Ralph Nagel. Family is the most important thing in our lives. Everything we do is to please our parents and make them proud of us, and teach the next generation to do the same... L'dor v'dor. Father, you taught me well. I love and miss you so very much. The greatest way I could think of to honor you, is to take this business, and with every breath and every thought and every action, think of you. You taught me to be honest to a fault, to know and appreciate the value of a dollar, to always give to those less fortunate, to revere and rejoice in G-d, and to love and live for my husband and my children, as you did with mom and us. Mom and Dad, I have so many beautiful and happy memories growing up. From singing and playing piano with you mom, and always coming home to a kitchen filled with the aroma of wonderful cakes, pies and cookies, and delicious Jewish cooking. Shopping for clothes with you is the best! You have such a sense of class and style. Dad, I think about fishing, playing Gin Rummy and Casino, dancing, being a 'son' to you and helping you fix just about everything from toilets, light bulbs, juke boxes, and garage door openers... but I always knew I was "Daddy's Little Girl." Boating at 5:00 a.m. and taking my friends water skiing was great. I would always look forward to answering math, history and spelling questions at the dinner table. And, even when in trouble (and boy, I knew how to do that), you taught and punished 'mostly' with compassion. I could go on and on with so many memories, lessons and happy times. Mom and Dad, Care With Confidence is dedicated to you. MWAH!!!! (the kissing sound)

Our Mission

To continue being the leading provider of Healthcare Practitioners in the U.S. throughout the 21st century.  To add quality personal care assistants and other support services to our model.  To continue to hone our management philosophy – ‘know your strengths and be the best at them; provide the best care and customer service – and do it right’ and to prove that our methods works best in a medical facility’s risk management model when selecting ancillary personnel providers, as well as in the home.

Insurances and Assurances

Care With Confidence goes far beyond the sadly typical 'advertise, hire and put-'em-out-there method.' Our screening system is far superior to others, helping us select the very best candidates for hire, while weeding out those who are likely to cause problems. We take the safety and security of our clients very seriously. As such, we carry a $1 million professional liability policy, as well as business liability. We are proud to say that, in over 24 years of operating a medical care company (IRS, Inc.) while using these practices, we have never made use of those insurances! Why? We'd like to think that by going the extra mile to pick a qualified caregiver, and then to provide proper testing and continued adequate training, we help reduce the risk of problems. By the time a Care With Confidence PCA greets you at your door, we have compiled an extensive file to give you greater peace of mind. Our Documentation Packet Contents:

Valid State Driver's License or other State-approved ID

Credentials - i.e. CNA, LPN, CRT, RRT

Current CPR - level C minimum

Current Vaccination Records - TB, MMR, HepB, x-ray, etc.

Successful Completion of 61-hour Caregiver Training Course

Annual Skills Checklist

Annual Age Specific Testing (geriontology, pediactrics, etc.)

Initial, Random and Rule-out Drug Screening*

Proof of Automobile Insurance (for those providing transportation assistance)

Reliable® 50-state Background Checks which include Core Search (Criminal, Military and Educational Records), Social Search, Motor Vehicle Record and Credit Check