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Like most companies, we employ a wide-variety of quality caregivers; each with a unique history to share. How do we screen?  How do we manage?  How do we bring them all together with the same high quality skill set? Our intensive system insures that EVERY caregiver who steps foot in your home, has been screened against the highest background checking system, passes the same health standards as licensed professionals, and has the same training, follows the same policies and procedures, and treats you with respect and dignity.

So, let’s start at the beginning.  The first step in the process is recruitment.  When a potential PCA candidate walks through the door, how do we determine if they are qualified to be Care With Confidence team member?   Care With Confidence goes far beyond the industry-typical ‘advertise, hire and put-’em-out-there methods’ which are used by so many in-home caregiving agencies today.  Our screening system is far different and superior to others, helping us select the very best candidates, while weeding out those who are likely to cause problems.  We understand that you are opening your home to a stranger and entrusting us with the duty of doing the very best we find the very best quality caregiver we can.  We understand that without proper background checking, it is possible to open your front door to an ex-con, a sex-offender, a drug addict, a felon or more and virtually say, ‘welcome – come right in.’  Therefore, we have contracted with the most well-respected background checking company around… Reliable Background Checks.  They will do more than 6 types of background checks to uncover potential problems before we complete the hiring process.

Therefore, we take the safety and security of our clients very seriously.  We want to make sure the odds of someone who can hurt you or take your belongings are as minimal as possible.  By the time a Care With Confidence PCA greets you at your door, we have compiled an extensive file to give you greater peace of mind.

Our Documentation Packet Contents:

Valid State Driver's License or other State-approved ID

Credentials - i.e. CNA, LPN, CRT, RRT

Current CPR - level C minimum

Current Vaccination Records - TB, MMR, HepB, x-ray, etc.

Successful Completion of 61-hour Caregiver Training Course

Annual Skills Checklist

Annual Age Specific Testing (geriontology, pediactrics, etc.)

Annual OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Series

Annual Fire, First-Aid and Safety Training

Initial, Random and Rule-out Drug Screening*

Proof of Automobile Insurance (for those providing transportation assistance)

Reliable® 50-state Background Check which include Core Search (Criminal, Military and Educational Records), Social Search, Motor Vehicle Record and Credit Check

Once we have done all we can to screen, hire and train our caring PCA’s, we take steps to protect you even further. We carry a $1 million professional liability policy, as well as business liability policy. And, all of our caregivers are bonded. We are proud to say that, in over 33 years of operating a medical care company (IRS, Inc.) while using these same careful hiring, training and management practices, we have never made use of these insurances! Why? We’d like to think that by going the extra mile to screen and pick a qualified caregiver, and then to provide proper testing and continued adequate training, we help reduce the risk of problems.