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No, we are NOT the least expensive service! Aren't you glad?

There are many choices out there for in-home assistance.  Some, in fact many, are less expensive than Care With Confidence… and for very good reason.  When it is time to entrust your life or caring for a loved one to a trusted source, you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have selected the best.  Would you entrust the life of a beloved child to the cheapest car seat on the market?  Or, would you look into the quality and assurances that come with the better ‘brands?’  Do you drive your family in the lowest price and lowest crash-rated vehicle, on an unknown brand of tires with untested tread?  Of course not.

Having just any Caregiver or Personal Care Assistant from any company, just choosing by price alone is much the same. It is often the old adage, “you get what you pay for."

In the world of offering the highest quality personal care assistants, there are management factors… the skill of hiring those with the right background and right, caring personality; the skill of creating and implementing the highest training standards; and, the skill of matching the well-trained employee with the right family.  And, then there is the MONEY factor.  Simply stated, in order to attract the best, we have to compensate them, in fairness, what they are worth to begin a working relationship with them, and then continue to pay them fairly to retain them, so they don’t leave you for a job that feeds their family a little better.  They deserve that!  We have been in the staffing business for more than 23 years!  The industry average for time an employee spends with one company is a whopping 4-7 months, depending on who is reporting the statistic.  Our employees stay with us for years, some have been with us continuously since we founded our parent company in 1986!

On average, we pay our PCA’s from $1-3/hour higher than competitive agencies.  Even though there are associates direct costs in addition to this difference, such as payroll taxes, we ‘eat that difference’ and this translates to our charging the same $1-3/hour additional to you… again, giving you peace of mind and security.  So, while we charge a little more, our margins are actually smaller.  But, we think the added quality, peace of mind and security we can provide to you is worth it!


Our prices are based on the levels of care we provide (and, again, pay our caregivers, relating to this skill level). We will offer more detailed information about this when we have the privilege of meeting with you. Please remember, when comparing our prices, most other agencies will only talk about their lowest pricing and won't explain how your pricing will be higher until you meet, or worse yet, will start you low and constantly bump your pricing until it is far above the 'price leader' they started you at. We hold to our pricing, as long as level of care needed does not change. And, we'll guarantee that rate won't change for a minimum of 6 months, often much longer! To give you an idea, there are four distinct levels we utilize, along with a few sub-levels within each:

Level 1 - Companionship Care - $26/hour

Level 1 care describes care where physical assistance is not necessary. The type of care our PCA provides at this level are items such as cooking, cleaning, med reminders, transportation to social and medical appointments, offering mental stimulation through conversation and activities and companionship, and so on.

Level 2 - Light Personal Assistance - $27/hour

Level 2 care is offered when our client needs a slight amount of assistance, such as slight mobility. Our levels always include everything that is mentioned in 'lower levels.' In other words, level 2 is all of level 1, plus added assistance. Perhaps you need assistance putting on socks or dressing? Or, maybe you need someone to watch and spot you as you get up or walk. The client who needs this is fairly healthy, but may be a little weaker or slower than before, and uses us for all of level 1

Level 3 - Minimal to Moderate Personal Aide - $28/hour

This level includes 1 and 2, but requires additional assistance, such as reminders for blood sugars and blood pressures, and recording them in a log for you. It also includes more personal care, such as bathing assistance, other types of hygiene reminders or assistance (face and hands, teeth brushing, etc.). In this level, you are still very independent and can eat on your own without any 'fork and knife' assistance. Often, our caregivers, at this level will have daily communication with other family members; giving you, as well as them, peace of mind.

Level 4 - Extended on-alert or CNA Care - $29-34/hour

Level 4 is our highest level of care. This level falls just short of 'medical necessity.' We can turn a bedridden client every two hours, use special mobility procedures, feed a client, constantly watch and communicate with family when there is a 'feeling' that they need to be aware of, such as sudden swelling of ankles, unexplained bruising on the body that could be the result of blood being too thin. Often, this client is a 'fall risk,' and may have multiple medical conditions. Although we are not 'medical providers,' we become the 'common sense' eyes and ears for the family and report on just about every thing.

24-Hour Pricing

Many of our families eventually require 24-hour care. But, often times, 24-hour 'constantly awake' time isn't necessary. We have qualified caregivers who can stay with you for 3-4 days straight; accomplishing the daily housekeeping and assistance activities by day, tucking you in at night, and being there with a monitor on, or an assistance button, ready to help at a moment's notice. In this case, we offer a very reasonable '24-hour' daily rate starting at just $430 per day. This is also great when a family needs 'respite' care, or to help care for a newborn, or help with a chronic, or post-surgery child or other family member. If this becomes extended, we provide continuous live-ins at a very competitive rate! Finally, when full awake care is needed 24-hours/day, we offer a two 12-hour shift program to accommodate 24/7 needs. Ask us for more information about these other services.

Family Care Pricing

What if a husband and wife, living in the same home, would both like to use our services? We have a program just for you! Please ask us about special pricing, which ranges from $0 additional to just a few dollars higher per hour for our above levels for two! Sometimes we need to care for just the wife, but now she can no longer cook or do the daily 'chores,' so we cook, clean and do laundry for two, all for the same price as for one. If both need care, our pricing increases, based on the overall 'work load.' If one of our dedicated PCAs can safely handle the needs of two clients during a shift, without putting the PCA at risk of exhaustion or the clients at risk from a caregiver not adequately being able to watch or provide care, we will do what we can to accommodate your needs. Again, just ask us to tell you more.

Compare Caregiver Pricing

Most caregiving agencies won’t publish their pricing, preferring you call and set up a lengthy appointment just to determine their typical hourly pricing for the level of care you are needing.  We strive to be extremely overt about all of our caregiving business practices.  We hope you find this helpful.

Now that you can see our typical pricing, how do we compare to the average cost of caregiving?  Genworth publishes an annual study of costs for long term care. The average cost of a caregiver in Metro Phoenix is approximately $165 for about $26.25/hour, or $165/day with an average use of 4-6 caregiving hours per day, As you can see, our starting rate of $26/hour, which many of our clients utilize, is highly competitive.  The majority of our clients need either our Level 1 or Level 2 care.  Again, at $27/hour, our rates are just $4-6/day higher than just the average Caregiving Agency, with average caregivers.  Click here to view the Genworth Study.