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What Makes Care With Confidence Different

Having the help of “qualified caregiver" is extremely liberating.  But, interestingly, many feel afraid or hesitant to begin using this type of service, feeling they are giving up dignity or independence. Quite the contrary! Our very special clients and their families report that we help them regain their independence. They no longer must wait to do their normal living activities, such as going to the store or bathing. And, they can feel safe that someone is right there or in the next room should they need them. They are able to do the things they wish, when they wish, while having their very own personal assistant. In fact, it is very similar and even as luxurious as having a scheduled ‘Concierge’ or boy-, or girl-Friday. Imagine having someone there to help you write out and sign a greeting card to send to a grandchild. Imagine someone taking you to a barber or hair salon. Imagine having someone there to remind you when to take your daily medications, so you don’t have to fuss with such things. Imagine someone there, by your side, to …well,… help you do almost anything and everything!

What Differentiates Us - How to Choose the Right Caregiver and Agency

Care With Confidence goes the extra mile in everything we do. Compare our services, and caregivers, and our management methods to all others and you will soon see the difference. Here are just a few of the differences to explore more about….

Better Caregivers
Better Screening
Better Training
Better Management
Better Customer Service
Largest Selection of Home Care Services Assisted Living Services
Better Communication between Caregiver, Client and Agency
Comprehensive Free Consultation
May We Have The Privilege of Meeting With You? The easiest way to really determine if and how Care With Confidence can help you, is to schedule a very comfortable and fun, no-obligation consultation in the comfort of your own home....
Our Service Guarantee
How do you take and incredible service and make it better? Offer an outrageous, first-in-industry Quality of Service Guarantee! We put our money where our mouth is....
Best Value
All things being equal, Care With Confidence guarantees to offer the very best value. While we are certainly not the least expensive, we are the very best in terms of quality of care, customer service and satisfaction.