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Service Guarantee

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How do you take and incredible service and make it better? Offer an outrageous, first-in-industry Quality of Service Guarantee! We put our money where our mouth is. We are so confident that our caregivers are the best-in-industry, extremely professional and well-trained, and that our management services and customer service attitude will give you the greatest peace of mind and satisfaction, that if you are not, we will give you a credit for the number of hours that our services did not meet your expectations.*

Here are the details...

Call us as soon as you are dissatisfied; but, please, no later than 24-hours after the incident or the 'shift' in which we did not meet your expectations.

Complete our incident report and include any documentation which will help us or our caregiver improve. We take this very seriously and will review what retraining may be necessary to improve the caregiver's skills; or, in rare instances we may choose to terminate our employment relationship or seek any other appropriate actions.

We will give you a credit of up to four hours toward future services.

This is in addition to our other strict standards of excellence. If there is a problem or a personality conflict with a caregiver, we will replace him/her immediately.

What are the limitations of this guarantee?

Again, you must notify our office of any problem or dissatisfaction within 24-hours.

A completed incident report must be submitted online, by e-mail, by fax or by mail, and received by us within seven days of reporting a situation.

While our desire is to offer this as many times as necessary, and are confident you won't be dissatisfied even once, to protect us from the select few who may 'abuse' this guarantee, we reserve the right to offer 1 incident guarantee, and a maximum of 4-hours of credit for every 100-hours of service provided.

The credit must be used within 60-days.

You always have the right to 'not use' any of our caregivers at any time. The choice is yours. But, if you have filed a dissatisfaction incident report on the same caregiver more than once (even if you feel it is for a very minor inconvenience), we will not schedule this same caregiver to work with you or your family in the future.

Number of hours to credit (from 1 to 4) is at the sole discretion of Care With Confidence.